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The Creative Life

The thing I have learned in life is makers gonna make, and either you are a maker or you aren't.  I am a maker.  I find myself making things initially out of need. Then, I discover the joy and delight of making, and it becomes more about the making than it is about the final product.  There are some projects that are about the final product, but really, it is all about the making.  One art form leads to another.  If I can't find the exact right fabric for a project, I make it.  To make it, I need to be able to dye fabric or draw or paint.   If a sweater I am knitting needs an accent of this other color that I can't find, I dye it.  If I want to make a shawl with a specific gradient, I dye the yarn.  If I find a raw fiber that I love the feel of, I wash, dye, and spin it up to make something beautiful.

This leads to the second great revelation in my life.  There are always way more ideas and projects than time.

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