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At the same time I jumped into quilting with both feet, I picked up knitting again. I had learned knitting and crochet as a kid, but it got put to the side and I didn't keep it up.  I started knitting again about six months after I started quilting, when my daughter was a baby.  It started when I went to make door-guards to keep her from opening the doors.  My initial reaction was knitting was for the birds, and this was the dumbest thing ever.    Then, I became determined to figure out how it worked.  All of a sudden, it clicked and I was knitting.  Now all my purses have knitting in them and I always have a project in my bag.  While I take hundreds of quilting pictures, it turns out, I don't take many pictures of my knits.  Mostly, I have pictures of my daughter wearing my knits.  She loves to wear them and is a good model.  But most of the time, I am taking pictures of her not the knitwear she is wearing.  I enter my knits into the state fair and the Fiber Arts Fiesta.  The State Fair doesn't require entry photos, while the Fiber Arts Fiesta does, so I have good pictures of those entries, but they are just a drop in the bucket of knitting projects.

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