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Fractured Stars is now available

This is the story about night

Fractured through a prism

Layers upon layers

Deeper than night

Sparkling through imagination

Blue is beauty not truth

This pattern is now available for purchase at Fracture Stars. The pattern has directions for two sizes. Small 72 x 72   Large 84x84. If you purchase it before July 31, 2020, you can use the coupon code JWQ2020 for 20% off the price.


  1. 20 – 5 in charm squares (Small Size) 6.5 in squares (Large Size)

  2. 40 – 2.5 in squares (matchy matchy with the large squares if you want)

  3. 4.75 Yards (Small) 6 yards (Large) Background

This Pattern is a take on the traditional string of jewels pattern. This pattern is great for using up panels, stray charm squares, random charm packs of layer cakes. Then the quilt is a large canvas to feature lots of custom quilting. It also looks fantastic with a all over edge to edge design.

Fractured stars was designed to use a Starry Night Van Gough Panel I got in Paducah when I was there for QuiltWeek. I cut the entire panel up on point to make all of the diamonds. I used a bit of Starry Night yardage to fill in the gaps to make sure I had enough squares. I chose the quilting to echo the motifs in the panel and to tell a story with the quilting.

It also looks fantastic with a all over edge to edge design. Humming Bird Garden is small variant of this quilt and is done in a much more traditional fabric. I picked this charm pack out because I liked the tiny little humming birds on it. I chose Butterfly Demask E2E quilting designs from Wasatch Quilting. The butterflies and florals in the quilting echo the garden feel of the fabric and lends a more traditional feel to the quilt.

This one is Tula so far. It doesn't have its final name yet. nor are the fish in their final placement. This one is the large size. I used a Pinkerville layer cake. The scale print in the Pinkerville line just screamed out to me to be fish scales. I used the large coelacanth applique art I designed from previous patterns and made 3. Then do some issues with cutting some of the fish pieces backwards I end up making a 4th fish rather than scrapping the extra parts.

This is Kaffe. This is the pattern done by one of my pattern testers. She is a a fan of Kaffe Fassett prints. The lovely dark pink she picked as a background sets the florals off nicely. I am Going to quilt it for her and using orange and green thread quilt large daisies and tulips in the background.

One of my other pattern testers picked a star wars theme for hers. My daughter wants me to make her one like it because of the porg fabric she used in places.

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