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Updated: Mar 8, 2023

It Quilt Block Mania Time again. The theme this month is Irises.

It is still bitter cold and crazy windy but the Irises and Daffodils are all starting to grow. The daffodils started to come up about Groundhog day. I think I have about 3 weeks before they bloom. The Irises started to poke their new leaves up about two weeks after the daffodils. I have an iris garden bent on world domination. My fancy irises came from the Hondo Iris Farm before it closed. The rest of the irises came from a friend who didn't realize they would take over her entire bed. When we planted some of the rhizomes she gave us a few little nubbins ended up in the raised bed with the gladiolas and day lilies and dahlias. Every year I pull out and give to people 5 gallon pots of irises. And I still can't keep them from crowding out the day lilies. Short of diving up the entire raised bed I fear I will never be rid of them there. But while the iris are blooming in May and Early June it is hard to argue with them. maybe I will just have to plant some day lilies when I thin the irises next.

This lovely Iris is Cranberry Kiss

This lovely iris is named Tamara Kay. the smoke bush in the background also came from the Hondo Iris Farm. It was a quart sized plant when I got it.

I can't remember the name of this one. but it sure is lovely with the delicate pink and purple flowers.

This is Bewilderbeast. If you went to the Iris Farm in May you could pick out your plants based on the blooms on the flowers. The kid picked this one out just on the name alone.

This pale pink iris is from the ones my friend gave me. I am not a dusty rose fan but I love it on this iris.

My yard is not huge but it does allow for my raised bed and a couple trees and my river of iris.

My sewing studio is on the second floor over looking my flower beds. It is wonderful in the spring to be able to stand at my longarm and look at the irises and watch the hummingbirds visit.

You can also head over to my Facebook group and join it to get the pattern under the files section.

Then you can visit all of my fellow designers and get copies of their patterns.

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