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My favorite books

Witty and irreverent, This book has it all for a holiday book. It will make you laugh so hard you cry. Oh wait this is a quilting blog, I should go with quilting books.

Pattern and Designs Books:

On the surface this book is about EPP. and you would think with my hatred of EPP that this book would not be up my alley. But I love Hexagons. While I can never make EPP work I can hand piece all of these hexagons. And it is a great way to use up scraps. I am eager to get a copy of her new book the New Hexagon 2

See my comments above, but these are other shapes to hand piece. She also has Books 2,3,and 4. I don't have them, as I am still working on La Passacaglia from Book 1.

Cause I have a scrap problem, and I love her ways of using them and cutting them up to usable sizes. It is a good way to make due with a ton of scraps and make something beautiful with the leftovers.

Oh the beauty of the Italian stone floors. I love these. they are beautiful and stunning aspirational quilts that some day I will make. I have some some of my own designs work based on some of the same floors.

So I have made it known I hate wonky angles and improvisational quilting makes me neurotic. Her writing is very good and I like her work and while it breaks me to do it, I learned alot about my self and quilting in working through this book. Some times you need to step out of your comfort zone to grow and learn new things. Her giant LeMoyne star is just brilliant not in this book, but she gives the piecing techniques for it here.

Quilting Books:

because pattern books and books on how to quilt are two totally different beasts

She Taught me not to be afraid to make a mistake and how to put the designs together to make quilting process flow across your quilt top.

No one ever said this before think about the density of your quilting and the time it takes to quilt it. Maybe the quilt top needs to be covered in 1/4 in pebbles but you will be here for an eternity doing it, not every quilt needs that. Think about the scale and the size of your design before you commit to quilt the whole top.

This was my introduction to what I could do with quilting beyond stitch in the ditch. I still love her principals on how to build designs.

If you want to show your quilts this gives you a good idea of what judges look for, how they judge the quilting, and most importantly how make your quilting live up to that standard.

She does amazing things with her quilting and in this book she walks you through how to do it. Because to do a successful custom quilting job it really helps to know how to break up the space.

I originally started this post having issues trying to come up with 5 off the top of my head. Then I sat down with my kindle and started going through my quilting books. I didn't even need to sit in front of my bookcase and look at the rest of my quilting books but I did cause there are goodies there too. At that point it was hard to narrow down the list. There are so many good books out there. And yes, I prefer to buy all my quilting books as ebooks. I buy the paper copy only when I can't buy the ebook. My sewing room is only so big and my house is only so big. I can't store all of the books I want if I buy them in paper. And I have had a lot of good ideas from flipping through a book while I am standing in line at the grocery store or watching the kid practice Tae Kwon Do. I wouldn't have done this if it was a physical book.

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