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My Favorite Tool

This is a hard one because I have so many. Do I talk about the most basic essential tool in my life my pencil with which I write all my ideas and make lists and draw my designs. Do I talk about my sewing machines which are at the heart of what I do. What about the templates and rulers and cutting systems I love and wouldn't give up but clutter my space. I came down to my antique red kitchen stool and my micro handles.

So Micro Handles - what are they. Well they are handles and controls that attach to the long arm and change they way you hold and move the long arm in such away to give you more control when doing fine detailed work. I am talking when you are trying to fill an area with micro stippling or quarter inch pebbles. The stool comes in as part of that. You can sit down to make it easier and rest your elbows on the belly bar and anchor your self to make the micro work easier.

The stool is handy to have around for other times when you sit. I don't have casters on the stool mostly because it never has had casters. It was in my dads kitchen as long as I can remember, and when he passed away I snagged it because it is super useful. I remember being tiny and laying on the seat and spinning up and down for hours.

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