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My proudest achievement.

There are two proudest achievement in my quilting carrier.

The first was getting completing Neptune's Sea and entering it into AQS Paducah. I finished it to enter into QuiltCon and at the same time I thought why not enter it into AQS Lancaster and Paducah at the same time. At the time I really thought I was going to be throwing my money away and it had not chance of getting in. But I entered anyway, because you have to be in it to win it. In the end, the worse thing they can say is no. Neptune's Sea got its QuiltCon reject letter, but low and behold a couple days later came the Lancaster acceptance. We were planning a trip to Lancaster because I got into a National show. I was my first time getting into a large show that wasn't just a local show. We were planning the trip to Lancaster when I got the acceptance letter for Paducah. We dropped all of the plans we had for Lancaster and switched over to going to Paducah. We went to Paducah and it was amazing to see my quilt hanging there with all of these other fantastic quilts.

The Second of the Achievements was getting into the Picturing the Past Art show at our museum. While this show was held locally it was part of an international event. The Natural History Museum hosted the 2018 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Conference. The paleoart show as part of this conference. I had had other piece of work hang at SVP shows but they were basically for a poster session and not a full 3 month gallery showing. Artist from all over the world submitted close to 400 works and 87 got jurried in, of which three were mine. My quilts hung in an art show of paintings, drawings, digital art and sculpture. I was blown away when i first walked into the Gallery in the pre- opening event and the first thing you saw when walking into the gallery was my quilt on the far wall. It was amazing. My quilts, my ideas, were being recognized as art and could hold their own in a field of my peers.

The first day of the conference I was hanging out with some friends at the museum, My master advisor was walking across the lobby to check his mail. I diverted him to make him look at my quilts hanging on the walls. Making him look at art has always made him twitchy, so making him even walk into the gallery made him twitchy. He was there in front of my quilts hanging there being all twitchy , but he acknowledged that they were incredible. This was shear victory and vindication. It was awesome.

All of three of quilts have shown at other shows both before and after this gallery showing. Xiphactinus scored higher at MQX than Neptune's Sea. It for into AQS Fall Paducah and it went to AQS Charleston as well. The pattern for Devonian Rain is going to come out in the Spring of 2020 as a choose your own adventure quilt. I love Red Hill and should submit it elsewhere.

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