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The machines

Well I don't have just one or two or three.

My primary domestic machine is a Juki TL-2010Q. Best machine ever. I have had her since January of 2014. I love the speed and smoothness of this machine. She is a work horse. I can piece my quilt tops and I can FMQ on her like a dream. She can sew through ridiculous amounts of layers in bag making without a problem. I can sew light leather with out a skipped stitch. Also she is Autographed by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

My applique machine is a Elna eXellence 720. I love my Juki and after a year of having to use the tiny brother for applique because of the lack of zig zag, I bought this machine in Feb of 2015. This machine I have for things like double blanket stitch and invisible zigzag. She pieces just fine and is a great machine, but she isn't my juki. Also she isn't always happy when going through the crazy number of layers you can run into making bags.

My long arm is a Babylock Crown Jewel II with Pro-Stitcher. I have a 10ft momentum frame. I love this machine. She is the size is what I want for FMQ, but still has enough space to do computerized edge to edge.

My Embroidery machine is EvenSewn Sparrow X. I picked it when I broke my brother embroidery machine because it had a bigger hoop size and descent speed. Mostly I use it for small things. It is great at what it does. If I upgrade it will go to a dedicated multi-needle machine. I haven't actually used this machine for anything other than embroidery.

My kid has an Elna SewFun machine that is hers. I will borrow it to travel with as it is much smaller than My Elna or the Juki. It sews well, all the feet are exchangeable with my larger Elna and is small enough to fit in my suit case.

I have two vintage machines. I have an Singer 66 red eye, manufactured the last week of March 1910. Based on the serial number it was originally a treadle machine that was retrofitted in the 1940 for electric. My parents purchased it in 1972 after it has been completely restored. This is one of the machines I learned to sew on. I use it enough to keep it oiled and in good working order, but mostly it just looks pretty.

I also have an 1886 Singer Improved Family Coffin Top. It is one of the fiddle based treadle machines. It is a pain to find parts for and keep in working order. The irons are in great shape. the wood work is shot and we are having new woodwork done for it. and the machine itself is in fantastic shape and decals on it are still original and intact. basically the machine sits in my sewing room as a paperweight until the new woodwork is done. When that is done I will get the irons powder coated and it will take a more decorative place in the house.

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