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The sound track of my sewing room

I couple months ago I lost the remote for the tv in my sewing room. It took me 4 months and a complete clean of my sewing room of not finding it to decide that I needed to get a new remote. The long arm when the computer is running is too loud to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I have to listen to music or the tv when I am working on the longarm with the computer. The computer can run the longarm at a higher speed than I can and it is just louder.


There is alot of Social Distortion, Cake, Manau and Modest Mouse that comes from my sewing room when I am working on the longarm.


Shows have to be easy to follow while I only pay half attention and mostly listen to. I have to either have watched them a bazillion times like Dr. Who and Futurama or they have to be dialogue heavy like Downton Abbey or Parenthood. Things that don't work are Game of Thrones and Outlander cause they require too much actually watching the TV less sewing. I place Broadchurch and Bosch in this category but I end up watching them when I sew anyway. Dr Who is still probably my #1 show I put on while I sew.


I love audio books. Some of my favorite that I go back and listen to are all of the books by Christopher Moore, particularly Fluke, The Stupidest Angel, Sacre Bleu, Fool, Serpent of Venice, and Coyote Blue. I love Jasper Fforde books. I have listened to the Thursday Next books quite a few times. I love a good English cozy mystery, I love a good Detective novel. Some times a good historical novel or sword and sorcery fantasy novel is good. I have something like 1300 books in my audible library, when it comes down to it I will read or listen to pretty much anything.


I love Podcasts. I have a huge number that I follow. There are all the quilty ones that I follow like Off Kilter Quilt, Hit to be Square, Just wanna Quilt, Simple Handmade Everyday, My Creative Corner 3, among others. Then there are the knitting ones like the Knitmore Girls, the Fat Squirrel Speaks, Spin Control, and 2 Knit Lit chicks. There are the Sciency ones that I love: Nature podcast, Science Magazine Podcast, Palaeo After Dark, PalaeoCast, The Naked Scientist, Quirks and Quarks, Great Moments in Science, PastTimes, and the Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week, among others. There are the History ones, like the history of rome, Revolutions, The British History Podcast, Rex Factor, Totalus Rankum, Pontifacts, The History Chicks, This Day in History Class, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Life of Caesar, Tides of History, Fall of the Roman Empire. The Book Podcasts, Like CraftLit, The Book Review Podcast, Myths and Legends, Grimm Reading, Quilt Fiction Podcast, and others. The thing is there is a podcast for everyone and there are so many.

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