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To Not Prewash

I am not showing photos of my cutting table cause that is like my fabric, that is between me and closed doors.

So you get yesterday prompt instead. To not prewash. What can I say I am lazy, I think prewashing is an extra step that gets in the way of getting to the sewing faster. Also I really hate ironing. I don't do alot of red and white quilts, so I don't worry about that. I do a lot of batik quilts and handdyed quilts, but I only have ever had batik problems when I leave it to sit in the wash machine over night after the initial wash. Some times the dye decides to run all over the place with hand dyes, but again a bit of synthropol and getting it out of the wash machine as soon as it is done helps fix everything.

This little beauty bled all over the place on me. Could I have solved it by washing the hand dyes again before making it. maybe, maybe not. Pre-washing can help with bleeding but not all of the time.

I like the effect of the fabric crinkling when you wash the quilt the first time. There are a few things I will prewash before I use. Flannel. Always prewash and dry flannel before you work with it. Anything that I am going to dye gets prewashed in hottest water with soda ash and dawn to completely scour it before the dye process.

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