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It is Quilt Block Mania time. This months theme is Neighborhoods. I went with trees.

When I originally drew out my block. I had a great story and and then March fell apart on me. It started with the call from my brother saying he was going into hospice because the cancer metastasized and was eating him from the inside. He ended up passing away in the early morning of the 22nd with the birds singing his way. Even in the desert our neighborhood are filled with trees and singing birds.

I got my friend Sally J at to help me out with this months pattern instructions cause I am not always coherent through the tears. The quilting and the designing have helped me begin to process. My Sister-in-Law and my niece and nephew have a ton of quilts I have made them over the years so it is hard to not make them quilts cause they are full up. So I am making my self a matching bed quilt and throw that are uncharacteristically white. I am going to go now before I break down again.

Once you get a copy of the pattern head over to get everyone else's patterns for the month.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Take time for yourself.

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