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well that happened...

I took a load of weeds to the dump. I was emptying bed of the truck and I got to the cabinet we were throwing away. I was tugging on it when the top popped off and I went stumbling backwards right off the ledge and onto all of the weeds I just threw away...right in front of the bull dozer. In the fall I lost my glasses and my shoe. I am standing in the weeds looking for my glasses when every single dump worker descends on my to make sure I am ok. once we are able to find my glasses and my shoe I say i am ok and I finish up.

I took the truck back to my brothers house. At which point and realized that I really did need to go have my wrist x-rayed. The ER is a strange place to go in these times. I did realize as I was sitting in the ER waiting for x-rays and stuff that I still had weeds in my hair and stuck to my sweater and I had spilled a melted bottle of melted waterless hand cleaner down my leg as I was emptying the truck. The doctors were more worried that I had hit my head or injured my back, probably cause I looked like a wreck with stuff spilled down my leg. Nope the weeds broke all of that part of the fall. They kept me in triage so as not put me next to any one sick. They sent me home with this lovely splint and in a week or so I will get a cast.

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