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Updated: Dec 6, 2019

I was pregnant with my daughter. I went to Seattle with my Mom and little brother. As part of doing anything in Seattle you end up at the Pike Place Market. You wander around, go to the original Starbucks, you buy some food, go to the brewery and get some lunch, and you find a quilt store. In my previous visits to Seattle, I had walked right on by Undercover Quilts. This time my mom, the friend we were visiting and I stopped at the store. I had tried quilting before. I had made probably the most hideous scrap quilt ever for the friends baby a couple years earlier. I knew about the wonder of color that a quilt store contains, I knew how to sew, I sewed the muslin for my wedding dress. So in the store that day I bought a kit. The Pattern was Mini I spy with a Twist, by Quilts with a Twist. The focal fabric was a Seattle themed novelty. It was small and affordable, and i figured it could be something for my baby to play with. We got back home and it promptly got set aside. I didn't have the easiest of pregnancies with my daughter, and alot of ambitions got set aside. Then she was a born and I went back to work when she was three months old.

Fast forward a bit. The kid was now 15 months old. She was sleeping through the night, I would put her to be around 7:30 and then I have like 2.5 hours after that where I couldn't leave and I couldn't do anything loud. I was feeling enui with video games and the meaningless of existence. I wanted more to life than just having super powerful characters in warcraft, or playing the latest video game on the play station. I wanted to make some. I wanted to be able to say when I was 80, that I left a mark. Around the same time my little Brother came home from his honeymoon pregnant with twins. What do you do when some one has a baby you make a quilt. Mom and I went and bought more fabric for baby quilts. I ended up pulling out this kit from Seattle and making it. It was full of 1.5 in strips, tiny pieces and partial seams. But I did it. I had not clue what I was doing when I free motion quilted it. I did the crazy piped binding that the pattern called for. And I loved it. It was what I was looking for, and I was hooked.

It still hangs on the wall with my other small quilts in the stairwell, in all its crazy glory with hair ball scribble quilting.

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