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Tea Party

It is Quilt Block Mania Time again. I had to take a couple months but it is time to get back in the saddle. This month's theme is the kitchen.

I love coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. When my daughter was little she would go over to Grandma's house and have a tea party. she would set up all her cup and get out goldfish crackers and Grandma would make some tea. She would set up the tea party around the coffee table and then bring the dog and the two cats to sit and have tea with her. The cats would sniff the goldfish and throw them on the floor. The dog would sit very sweetly and wait to eat the gold fish till the end and the kid would tell them about her day at preschool. The kid still comes home from school and makes a cup of tea, and I am pretty sure the huskies might sit for tea party.

Once you get your copy of the clock join all of my fellow designers to get theirs.

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