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Howling Wolves

It is Quilt Block Mania time again. Today I have a large malamute trying to lay in my lap as I write this. He says "The theme this month is all about the forest and I is sled dog. My anscetors are wolves hear me howl."

This is how all my dogs see themselves. They are derpy huskies in wolf clothes.

This is how Frigg likes to sleep. She is not longer the puppy of the pack. Back in September we lost our good boy Fenrir. He was an 11 year old malamute.

Back in September we lost our good boy Fenrir. He was an 11 year old malamute. We adopted him from the shelter when he was 5. He was such a good boy. We miss him deeply. He was not a vocal dog. He could bark but mostly he talked in chirps and chuffs and husky talk. He would ocassionaly sit on the back porch and yodle at the moon.

We had him as a solo dog for 3 years before we decided he needed a buddy to play with. Over the pandemic we adopted our sweet ginger girl, Freya. When she was found she was living as a wild dog in a pack of coyotes in a rural area north of town. We think she was dumped by a breeder. and that she lived on the street for a year and a half before we adopted her.

Freya is our yodler. She mostly yodles to go on walks. Come on mom it is walk time. We have only been on 4 walks today it is time for walk 5. You are talking too long. The door is right here. She will also yodle at the burrito lady when we go get breakfast burritos. Saying give me my burrito.

I already showed you the picture of the Wiggly Frigg. On Sunday we will have owned her a year. She came to us through a friend who adopted her and realized OMGoodness she is the cutest thing ever but huskies are so much work. She immediatly meshed with our dogs and so she joined the pack. We were told she was 2-3 years old, our vet looked at her and said she is 18 months old. It explained so much about her. She has grown up alot in the past year, but still will steal and eat toothbrushes if given the chance.

This is the Fenrir Frigg and Freya walking the kid back in the spring.

It took us a couple months to not to get over our loss of Fenrir but to realize we needed another pack member. Just before Thansgiving while I was on a work trip, My Husband calls me and says I think we need another dog. I think Friggy needs some one to play with. And while I am still out of town he goes and interviews dogs at the shelter. When I get back, we take the girls with us to the shelter to help interview. We came home with Odin.

Odin is huge. He is a 2 year old malamute. Here he is photo bombing the picture of the quilt on the couch picture I was going for. He is 80 lbs of lean muscle. He has no idea he is as big as he is. He is a gental giant. He is fitting right in.

Back to quilting. This block is dedicated to my sweet Fenrir. We miss you lots buddy.

When you are done come over to Sallys' Sewing Circle there are is a new Quilt Block Mania Block for some fat bear week fun and you can pick up the pattern for the quilt you see behind Odin.

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I love hearing about your dogs. We don't have huskies--although my partner is crazy about the videos of "talking" huskies on Instagram!--but we do have four rescue dogs. I almost wrote "5", since our eldest just passed in August. I know what you mean about needing another dog. Sometimes things just don't seem complete until that certain dog is there. I'm glad you've reached a good equilibrium. That's better for everyone, dogs and their people.


Joan Sheppard
Joan Sheppard
Dec 06, 2023

I work for a Husky rescue and your stories are all too common. Thank you so much for rescuing these heartbreakers! (Okay EXTRA large Heartbreakers!)

Your patterns are wonderful and will take an extra lok after the holidays when my Husky lets me back in the house!

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