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A New Project

About a week before Bren got admitted to the hospital I started a hunters star quilt using my accuquilt die. I was just cutting up scraps and pairing them with ivory. I was so in love with the way it was coming out, I started to look at others. This lead to me putting a books on my wish list and then life happened. I put the idea of a new quilt off for a bit until I finished some of the ideas I had first. Because finish two, start one.

I was sitting in the ICU, with Bren and his family, and at some point I ordered quilt books. I don't remember doing it. I am opening up all of the boxes of with Christmas presents and there is the Jan Krentz, Hunter Star Quilts and Beyond. Being from amazon and there often isn't a receipt in the box or something to say who it is from, I went looking. Sure enough in my orders, there is this book.

I think it was Bren's spirit still speaking to me telling me to make a hunters star quilt. I have some yardage in lovely blue and green water colors. There maybe 8ish yards there. that could make a descent sized hunters star. Add some star points of of purples and yellows and it could become an absolutely beautiful background for something with sharks

"Make me a beautiful picture, Claude. Make me a beautiful picture"

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