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Vintage Machines

It is Quilt Block Mania Time again. This months theme is quilting. I went with a vintage machine applique block.

I own several vintage machines. I learned to sew in a 1910 Singer 66 Red Eye. My parents bought it refurbished in 1972. At some point before they acquired it it has been converted from a treadle machine to a having an electric motor. The elegance of these older machines is incredible with the decals.

During the summer when I was growing up I would get bored and I would get into the fabric that we had around and I would make some really horrible clothes. I remember trying to draft a pair of shorts of my own. They were kind of a hot mess. I mean I wore them but they had all kinds of issues. Just like the Singer 66. You would look at it wrong and the tension would go out of whack. I am pretty sure at least half of that was being 11 and user error and my dad never taking it in for service. I tried for about 10 years to get my dad to give it to me. I finally got it when he passed away. I still occasionally use it to keep it in working order.

Once you get your copy of the clock join all of my fellow designers to get theirs.

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