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The Compass Business Bag

I had a chance to be a pattern tester for Kristin Marshall Graves of KMGhandmade. The pattern is the Compass Business Bag. It is a 14x15 inch laptop bag. It is even more stunning in person. I love the accent panel and the diagonal zipper pockets on the outside. The inside features slip pockets for your cords and mouse. There is a padded laptop pocket. The key minder is one of my favorite parts of this pattern. I was a bit dubious at first that my 15 inch laptop would fit in this bag. Now Every one wants one of these.

This school year is kinda crazy and the kids are expected to carry their laptops with them to school every day. My daughter looked at me as I was looking through the pattern and said well I already have a laptop bag. My niece and nephew both were like well if she doesn't want it we will each take one. I started out making this for my niece. She is a parrot obsessed 11 year old. Their family is owned by 3 suncaps conures and a sun conure. Most of the nieces clothes features parrots and she has a parrot cellphone case.

I chose for mine a Spoonflower print of Audobon's Carolina Parakeets on a linen cotton canvas. The Green is a Imperial Green Jetstream I purchased from NM Fabrics and Foam. They are walking distance from my office. The hardware I purchased from Emmaline Bags. Their strap ends are my new favorite things. The green zippers are from byAnnie. I mean if I have matching green zipper tape why not use I chose two Hoffman Call of the Wild prints for the lining. One for the external pockets and the other for the bag lining. I stabilized all of the external pieces with decovil light that I kept out of the seam allowances. All of the lining pieces pieces got stabilized with SF101. The linen cotton canvas got both. I used 3/16 automotive foam for the foam interfacing. I chose option C with the tote straps and the cross body strap, knowing the kid will have to be carrying it with her as she walks to school every day. I added an internal zip pocket as well. Over all this pattern went together quickly and fairly easily.

The results are an absolutely stunning bag. My daughter who didn't initially want one now wants one. I have custom orders for 3 more.

I highly recommend this pattern if you need a new stylish laptop bag for going back to the office or for those kiddos needing to carry their laptops with them to school everyday. You can kind the pattern at her etsy store

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